Interreg project characteristics

Interreg projects have done a lot of good for Europe. They have brought Europeans closer together by addressing shared problems and encouraging cooperation towards common goals. If you and your organisation want to contribute to this legacy, Interreg offers a good opportunity to get some of your passion projects funded. Interreg programmes search for suitable …

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Why evaluation should matter

Is it still worth bothering with evaluation? What are the benefits of undertaking an evaluation or a series of interlinked evaluations in 2021-2027?  In this online course we share five good reasons why evaluation should always be among the items on top of your to do list! Are you ready to update yourself on evaluation …

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All about the intervention logic, the indicators and the methodology paper

Your Interreg programme set up is based on a precise intervention logic. This intervention logic depicts the change you are planning to achieve. All information related to the intervention logic, including your chosen indicators are summarized in the methodology paper. But what exactly is an intervention logic and how do you construct it? What should …

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Digital storytelling

Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today. Robert McKee – author, lecturer, and story consultant. Once upon a time, a hopeful project applicant filled out the application form and sent it in a box, along with 1000 pages of other documents. Many years have passed since that fateful deadline …

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