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Twitter for Interreg

“If you have time to get your pet rabbit its own Instagram account, you have time to at least tweet about something important.” Jameela Jamil – actor, model, activist.

LinkedIn for Interreg

LinkedIn is no longer an online resumé. It’s your digital reputation. Jill Rowley, world-renowned expert on Social Selling and Modern Marketing. The most common misconception is that LinkedIn is just for job hunting. But in recent years, LinkedIn has grown in terms of numbers of users and in the range of useful features it offers. …

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Making your writing work

How much of your working day do you spend writing to people, sending them information or asking them for information? Your time is one of the most important resources you have, so you should use it wisely and well. When you write to someone, you write with a specific aim in mind. You are writing …

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