SCOs explained

Interreg turns 30 years old in 2020, celebrating 30 years of working together across borders, connecting people and territories, facing common challenges and trying to provide common solutions. Much has changed in these 30 years. Interreg has grown from solely cross-border cooperation to transnational and interregional cooperation too, from 1 billion EUR of support to …

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Project implementation in Interreg

Once all starting agreements with the programme and within the partnership are set, the implementation of the project can kick off. During this stage, activities will be carried out, money will be spent – all this towards the objectives you – as project partners – have committed yourselves to achieve, and towards the results you …

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Project development in Interreg

Competition among projects applying for EU funding is high. It is not enough to have a brilliant idea for your project. You will have to explain your idea in the application form, which is similar to a business plan. You will need to explain project benefits for the target groups and the programme, and prepare …

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