Target groups and social media persona

“Every battle is won before it is fought.”

Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”

Like in war, the most important part of your communication work is planning – having a good strategy. And the most important part of your communication strategies is deciding who you want to reach and why. And how does that work in practice?

Too often, communication goals are very broad and target groups include terms like ‘stakeholders’ and ‘general public’. Ultimately, we keep struggling to reach the right groups with our content, wasting time and energy. There is a better way.

The most common mistake we make is targeting the ‘general public’. The first lesson will show you why our targeting should be much more specific. Then, the course will show you how to better define your target groups. You will see why and how to create a ‘social media persona’, which is a very effective technique for defining specific target groups and discovering how and where to reach them. We wrap up the course with five tips from the Interreg Central Baltic Programme about how to reach the right target groups at the right time.

The ultimate goal of this course is to make your communication work easier by helping you adjust your planning, especially regarding your target groups.

Now it’s time for you to prepare for the next communication battle.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 50 minutes

Course Instructor

Nebojsa Nikolic Nebojsa Nikolic Course developer

Free of charge


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