Online interactions and Internet trolls

If you want to change the way people respond to you, change the way you respond to people.

Timothy Leary, psychologist

The Internet provides everyone with the opportunity to engage with brands.

But with opportunities come challenges.

When managing your corporate (programme) accounts on social media, you are exposed to a public audience. Unless they interact with you openly, it is hard to know who you are exposed to.

A small negative engagement can easily spiral out of control and cause permanent damage to your programme communication. Why is this so? Because if it is visible to all, it acts in the same way as a ‘bad review’ online would for a restaurant.

In this environment it becomes very important to handle online interactions in a professional way, to maintain a professional image for your programme.

To help you handle them, this course will provide you with knowledge on:

  1. The type of interactions you are likely to face
  2. The steps you need to take to handle interactions properly
  3. Tips for your style and actions for different types of interactions

Course Information

Estimated Time: 35 minutes

Course Instructor

Arkam Ograk Arkam Ograk Course developer

Free of charge


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