How to lobby for your Interreg results?

Lobbying is way too complicated! Lobbying is useless! My project results will never get to the EU institutions and policy-makers. Why should I bother lobbying? Lobbying is after all just a communication exercise…. 

It is very common to hear those kind of comments from project partners when it comes to lobbying. But does this have to do more with their lack of understanding about how things work at EU level? Or could it just be their lack of knowledge about how to draft a lobbying strategy? Or a lack of resources for doing so, such as not having the time to get Interreg results out of the drawer and let the relevant policy-makers know about them?

What if we tell you that lobbying is not as complex as it looks? What if we tell you that your results could really contribute to shaping EU policies in the area of competence that matters to you? 

Come on an online journey with us and learn:

  • The basics about lobbying at EU level: what it is and why do it;
  • Who are the main actors involved in that process; 
  • How EU decisions are made;
  • How to lobby and which tools could be useful to you.

By signing up for this course, you will also get practical advice and guidance on how to draft a lobbying strategy, as well as many useful links to help you through that process. 

The course has been designed for Interreg projects with results that could potentially influence EU policy, and that want to figure out how to achieve this through lobbying. The course is also for Interreg programmes that want to help those projects reach the EU institutions and have an impact on EU policy.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Course Instructors

Kelly Zielniewski Kelly Zielniewski Course developer
Mercedes Acitores Mercedes Acitores Course developer

Free of charge


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