All about the intervention logic, the indicators and the methodology paper

Your Interreg programme set up is based on a precise intervention logic. This intervention logic depicts the change you are planning to achieve. All information related to the intervention logic, including your chosen indicators are summarized in the methodology paper. But what exactly is an intervention logic and how do you construct it? What should the methodology paper look like?

All these details you will discover within in this course … And you also will find some answers to following questions:

  • Why is a sound intervention logic so important?
  • How do you build an intervention logic and how can you link project and programme intervention logic?
  • What is an indicator fiche and what are quality criteria for indicators?
  • How do you interpret common indicators?
  • What is the methodology paper and what is it good for?

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Course Information

Estimated Time: 1,5 hours

Course Instructors

Daniela Minichberger Daniela Minichberger Course developer
Besiana Ninka Besiana Ninka Course developer
Bernhard Schausberger Bernhard Schausberger Course developer

Free of charge


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